François Jouanneaux is the creator and artistic manager of Jouanneaux Photographie.
This company, settled north of le Mans, specializes in wedding pictures..

François Jouanneaux comes from the book industry. His diverse professional career let him to cooperate in various printing and communication companies in France and Germany.

He completed his photographer training in Munich and became a member of the Bavarian Chamber of Trade. He was later licensed by this Chamber as an apprentice.

He also set up a very close relationship with the daily and periodical press during many reports inside the country and abroad about the most various themes. He suggests that you benefit from his huge visual communication experience and from his creativity in order to put yourself forward as well as your guests, to your true value during this unforgettable day.

While keeping his own personality, it will be easy for him to adapt to your photographic needs and desires. Giving free expression to his creativity, he will be honoured to give you full and entire satisfaction.